A possible upgrade from the Zotac GTX 460 AMP!

Hello Tom's Hardware users.

I am thinking of doing a partial rebuild of my gaming system that essentially had the wrong mobo and CPU bought for it. (I didn't research hard enough). I have it right this time, like buying a full size ATX mobo and not a micro ATX by accident and a 1155 socket instead of a 1156 one /facepalm

I seem to be stuck on which graphics card to upgrade to.

The system I will end up with will look like this:

These bits will be swapped in for the corresponding parts below.
i5 2500k
AsRock Z77 Extreme6 Motherboard

These bits I already own.
i5 760
Gigabyte SKT-1156 GA-H55M-UD2H Motherboard

Corsair TW3X4G1333C9A XMS3 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 Memory, 8GB total
FSP Fortron Gold Aurum 90% PLUS Gold 700W PSU Power Supply
Zotac GTX 460AMP!

Now the GTX 460 I own is the http://www.amazon.com/Zotac-4000MHz-GeForce-256-bit-ZT-40403-10P/dp/B00405EWOQ

Now I have paid attention to the graphics hierarchy list and stuff but the AMP! version I have kind of throws me off a bit when I consider worthwhile upgrades to it since it has beefy clocks at 810MHz core and 1620MHz shader.

I am just looking for something with flat more performance.

I am not afraid to SLI or Crossfire my cards but it seems hard to get another Zotac GTX 460 AMP! in the UK for a sane price.

In fact, thinking of SLIing my 460 allowed me to discover how poor a choice my mobo that I bought originally was, since it doesn't support SLI and only 2x Crossfire unless I do alot of fiddling, and its 2nd PCI express lane is only 4x not really making it worth doing in the first place.

Any advice on anything is appreciated since I am still relatively new to system building and bare in mind a sane budget of no more than £300 for a graphics card please. :p

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  1. The HD7850 and the HD7870 are both great cards that can overclock very well and don't have much power consumption. A lot of people are mentioning that the 480 is a steal at the moment for $200, which would be good if you don't mind the heat and power consumption.

    I've got a 7870 and I can run and older titles at 60+ FPS, and games such as BF3 on Ultra minus the MSAA at 70FPS average. An overclocked 7850 wouldn't be too far behind it and is about $100 cheaper I think (at least here it is).
  2. I tend to see graphics cards being quite a bit more expensive here since a GTX 480 is about $260 over here.
    Also my airflow isnt amazing so lower temps and power draw are a good idea since I am pretty much solely blamed for our high electricity bill :( Even though it isnt true.

    In regards to the ATI cards the 7850 and 7870 seem to have roughly a £50-60 difference between them so they might a good idea.

    More opinions!
  3. Don't bother with the gtx480, two gtx460 are faster anyway. Either go sli later on when you have upgraded your build or go with a 7850/70.
  4. I wouldn't suggest SLI or Crossfire if you don't have sufficient airflow and cooling. The conversion of £300 is ~465 USD.

    So, you pretty much have a high budget. The cards you can look at is a GTX 670, 7950, 7870, 7850, GTX 560 Ti 448 (core).

    If you want the best price/performance the GTX 670 and 7850 are great. The top performer of course is the GTX 670.
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