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Hello again. I am having a lot of problems with my PC (as you can tell from my other posts) and I have found a new one. I have a 4 ping connector on my mobo. I have and 8 pin on my PSU. I might be getting a 4 pin to eight pin adapter cable, but I am worried it might overload the CPU (supply too much power). Is this a viable concern, and what effects might it have if it is/isn't?
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  1. not a concern.

    however the appropriate 8 pin for the mobo will nearly always (i'm not aware of any cases where it doesn't) split into 2x4. If it does not split into 2x4 you may be looking at an 8 pin PCI-E power plug which is different and should not be used on the mobo under any circumstances.
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    Usually the 8pin is a 4+4 design and comes apart easy. Overpowering is a none concern since the components only pull the load they need.
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  4. Thank you all! All of your answers were helpful.
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