Installing AMD Radeon HD 7850, getting 2 short beeps and 1 long beep

Hello, So after installing my amd radeon hd 7850 video card, I turned on my computer and I got 2 short beeps followed by a long beep. I put back my old video card which is a amd radeon hd 5770 and it works fine. Also I tried it without a video card and the same result with my new video card. I think it may have to do with my PSU
which is this
Also, I only have 1 PCIE connectors and it has in two outputs to insert it(also it says it recommends 500w)
Also if this is the issue, would anyone be able to recommend a good PSU?

I heard this problem is also having to do with a bad GPU, mine is a
Intel Core I7 cpu 860 @2.8GHz
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  1. you can't use a GPU that requires 2pcie connectors with.only one. it will not post as there will be no gpu detected
  2. Ok i was thinking it gpu was a processor for a second(I was wrong) So your saying I should get a new PSU?
  3. You definitely need 2 PCI-E power connectors as unksol has mentioned. And yes you need to upgrade your PSU.

    I recommend this:
    Corsair 500W
  4. pretty low end psu. Also it would have been a great idea to check the # of 6 pins it had before purchase, as cards are designed to actually use those 6 pin slots to power the card.
  5. Yah, it was mistake on my part, would you guys have any recommendations?
  6. since sending the gpu back would be a hassle, the thing to do is to buy a new psu. that all depends on your budget though.
  7. my budget would be max 100 bucks
  8. that 500w corsair is good
  9. a 500-550w will serve you well then. just be sure its of a decent quality. just go through a few checks.

    1. is it certified with 80+ if it is, then thats 1+ for hte compan since they got it checked and tested to some extent.

    2. if possible, find the psu on this list and look at professional reviews.

    3. PSU's go on sale all the time, pick a good one thats on sale and go for it.
  10. Rule #1-Most important part of any PC build IS the PSU,Always buy a name brand high quality PSU.
  11. Just get the 500w corsair, it's a great PSU and it's on sale.
  12. +1^

    Agreed, can't get a better deal than that.

    @cpthoundz: You may want to look at the link I posted.
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