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I'm trying to forward ports for Terraria. I got it to work correctly with one router, but I need to forward through two routers. The router connected to my modem is a Linksys WRT120N (, which is connected to a D-Link EBR-2310 ( I need to forward a port from a computer connected to the D-Link.

Modem -> Linksys -> D-Link -> Computer.

The ip of the computer is a static

I assume I'd forward the ports normally for the D-Link, but I'm not sure how to continue the forwarding through the Linksys.

My knowledge in this area is a bit limited, so any help would be really appreciated.

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  1. assign the the WAN side of the D-Link and do the port forwarding.

    then add that IP to the DMZ of the Linksys
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    Disable everything on the D-Link. no WAN I.P, firewall, SPI DHCP, WMM etc etc so it acts as a dumb wireless switch. Connect LAN port 1 of D-Link to Linksys LAN port.

    In the D-Link LAN settings, give it ..

    I.P =
    Subnet =
    Gatewy/DNS =

    Everybody is on the same I.P/subnet range and your Linksys should just forward straight through the D-Link.

    I know this works, as I have a Netgear connected to my ISP and a D-Link providing wireless-G access for older laptops and blackberry's.
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