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Casio Z750 lens error / blurry fuzzy images

Last response: in Digital Camera
September 5, 2005 3:24:04 PM

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I am a photographer and have just purchased the Casio ex-z750 camera.
At first I was very pleased with the camera (still am when it works).
But receintly I have been getting some blurry / fuzzy images. At first
I thought this was just camera shake, and didn't think much of it. As
it started happening more I ran some tests (tripod >= 1/250 sec), and
I've determined that this isn't camera shake. I have gotten the "lens
error" message a few times, but I'm not sure of these are related or
not. I am seeing some other comments on the lens error, but nothing
about blurry images.

I have sent a email to Casio, and I hope to hear from them within the
next few days. The unit was purchased from B&H Photo, I may try
calling them and see if they could exchange it for another unit.

Thanks in advance.
Brent Edwards
September 16, 2005 11:52:05 AM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

This is caused by the camera accidently turning on in an enclosed space
(pocket). The lens hits an obstruction and gears or something breaks. I
think this camera has 3 different ways to turn it on. I think with the
menus, you can turn off one or two was and only use the primary button.