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[Graphics Cards] Replacing GTX 260m for GTX 580m


I have an Alienware m15x with a GTX 260m card. I'm thinking about upgrading to a GTX 580m. Can I just replace it?

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  1. Far as i know Laptop video cards are integrated into the motherboard and so can not be changed
  2. You would have to contact Alienware, to if there is an upgrade option for that laptop. Most of them are not upgradeable, and I dont think that madel is, but check. If you can upgrade I doubt if you could go to a 560m, as usually upgrades of this type are limited to what was the best available at the time.
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    GTX 260m is a MXM 3.0 type B card like the GTX 560m and GTX 580m but I don't think there is enough power and/or cooling for GTX 580m. GTX 560m may be ok though. Also there is the bios recognition problem. Check with Dell for definite answer.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll check with Dell.
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