Will this CPU bottleneck HD7950 at all?

So right now I've got a huge bottleneck with an Intel due e7400 2.8ghz and a Sapphire HD7950 GPU not to mention the fact my motherboard is out of date aswell, MS-7336. If I get this CPU http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/intel-core-i5-3450-processor-13985224-pdt.html will I get any bottleneck at all? If so then what's a higher end cpu which would work better? If no then what would be the cheapest possible processor which could give no bottlenecks?

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  1. with that i5 you choose you will not get any bottleneck
  2. Maybie the amd 8320 is cheaper?
  3. No no no no, go with the i5, it can't overclock but trust me - benchmark wise, the Core i5 does laps around the 8320. Cores don't matter - it's all about architecture performance.
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