Connection caught fire?!

Right so I've had this build computer for about a month now and it's the best thing,
About 30 mins ago I heard this ticking, enough to put my ear to the intake fan, I thought this was a lead touching a fan somewhere.
Started to play some EVE Online and then my Motherboard screamed out, my monitor said no input and in the panic i shut down the PC from the power supply.

Is this the case's fault or the power supplys fault?

I think its the PSU but, whatever I just wanna know what did this!

AMD FX8150
Asus Sabertooth 900FX
CiT Vantage Limited Edition, White
CiT 700w PSU
Seagate 2TB HDD
Sapphire HD 6850 x2
8GB Corsair 1800MHz

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  1. did it only burn that cable check all over your cabling but i would rma that psu to be safe and not using it again
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