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im looking for a good monitor prefferable 120hz and at least 2ms response for (sounds dumb) but ps3, almost no input lag also.
preferably anywhere from 22 inch to 24 and the 120 hz technology that will work with the ps3. i know ps3 only puts out 60hz but one that will convert and still do something like "make frames"
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  1. Making frames is dependent on the graphics card.

    But if you still want a 120 Hz Monitor and at least 2 ms then these are some recommendations.

    Acer 23.6" ($295.99) (if you want to save some money)

    Samsung 23" (Samsung known for great colors)

    ASUS 23" 2ms (ASUS, I think, is usually gamer-oriented)
  2. well eventually im going to build a pc. also why does mlg use 120hz monitors with like xbox 360s when they only put out 60hz?
  3. Good question, probably for a smoother gameplay experience, if any.
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