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Rc415st-hm (alhena5) graphics upgrade

I have a question for u guys:
I have a compaq presario sr5020an with a motherboard RC415ST-HM (Alhena5) with an integrated graphics card. I know it has a PCIe slot for a graphics card. I would like to know what graphics card would be compatible with my computer/motherboard. Do you guys have any suggestion?
Thanks please answer soon :)
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  1. seeing as you have a socket 775 computer with ddr2 and probably a celeron d I wouldnt recomend anything above a ati 7750....for two reasons. 1. your system will most likely bottleneck better graphics cards and 2. this was you dont have to upgrade your psu either.
  2. Thank for your answer but can you give me a suggestion of what graphics card i could get the best one I could get that supports my system?
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    are you looking for a link? The ati 7750 is the best card that your system will be able to support/make use of. here is a decent 7750 from newegg
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  5. Thanks so much :)
  6. no problem man glad I could help out. If you encounter any other trouble you know where to ask
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