Windows 7 clean install hang at starting windows


I am having a problem installing windows 7 and now I tried XP Pro but that wont install either.
My setup is as follows:

Corsair 850 TX PSU
Sapphire HD 5850 x 2 (crossfire)
Seagate 1TB 7200RPM HDD 3Gb/s SATA
ASUS P7P55D-E EVO Motherboard
Intel i7-860 2.8 Ghz Processor
4 x 2Gb DDR3 1333Mhz Kingston RAM

The windows 7 install hangs after the loading files window, where it says "Starting Windows".

The XP Pro install hangs when trying to install devices.

Please help! This is a brand new build.
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  1. could be a memory issue, ie memory timmings and voltages are WRONG
  2. fowang said:
    could be a memory issue, ie memory timmings and voltages are WRONG

    I changed the timings to 800MHz and voltage is set to AUTO in BIOS and is currently 1.543V.

    I tried install in safe mode (Ultimate x64) which worked but cannot complete install in safe mode. Therefore cannot complete install as it wont boot into windows 7.
  3. Hi guys. I fixed the problem. 1st took all the RAM out and then tried booting and it got further than the initial Starting Windows screen.

    Then reinstalled all the RAM but in different slots than they initially were. And its all working now!

    Hope this helps someone!
  4. Yeah looks like it was not installed using Dual Channel slots
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