Stuck on Catalyst 12.3

Guys this is crazy for several months I can't do nothing with Catalyst driver. When 12.4 came out I did usual upgrade, I uninstalled 12.3 and then reboot then install 12.4 and ........ nothing I still saw 12.3 in Information. Today 12.6 and 12.7 Beta came out and It's same thing after clean installation I see 12.3 in information in catalyst insted of 12.6 and 12.7.

I don't understand how something that uninstalled can still be there unless registry keys are not deleted and NEw catalyst have 12.7 brains yet it's just showing 12.3 in info. Please guys help if possible.

Thank you.
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    Download driver sweeper, to remove any remnants left from the uninstall from 12.3. The option you have in the program is the Display Driver.
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  3. Thank you, I'll report how it's worked out.
  4. its a glitch with the latest drivers. its actually running on the latest ones but displays 12.3
  5. Nope, I am totally shocked. After driver uninstall I did swapper and get rid of everything under AMD - video. After reboot everything got 640x480 ....I installed new 12.7 ...reboot again ....and nothing I still see 12.3 ...WTF

    Guys is it possible that AMD screwed up on 12.3 and that's why it's like not updating. Or it's updating allright it's just showing 12.3 from now on . ?

    Crazy stuff, I never saw anything like that before.
  6. No, 12.3 is so glitched. Don't worry, as long as you saw the installation successful screen your good.

    Download GPU-Z to check the driver version (it won't necessarily show 12.6)
  7. Thank you very much guys !
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