Corsair builder series cx600

Hey guys,

I'm planning to build my first gaming system. The specs are as follow:

CPU: Core i5 2500k
Mobo: Asus P8Z77-V Pro
GPU: Asus GTX 670
RAM: Corsair Vengeance Performance 8GB DDR3-1600
PSU: Corsair Builder Series CX600

My question is whether the CX600 is enough to power the whole system or if I should get another PSU.

My budget for the PSU is $85.

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  1. it will work, though at 85$ you can probably find a better psu when one goes on sale
  2. You could easily run that system with a good 450W PSU.

    Rosewill Capstone-450M ($80 @ Newegg / 20% off promo code)

    650W+ if you want to SLI in the future:
    Rosewill Capstone-750M ($110 @ Newegg / 20% off promo code)

    XFX ProSeries 750W Core Edition ($85 @ NCIX US)
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