I have some questions about to boy an i5 and RAM!

Ey, I just have some questions before I buy my PC components and I hope this community helps me!

Well, before I ask o have to say my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2-B3 and I have no idea if I can overclock this mother, Can I overclock it?

1º I'd like to know what cpu can I buy because tomorrow I'll buy it, i5-3470K or i5-3570, which can I buy? I'd like to know too if there's any difference and If my motherboard can OC some.

2º ¿It is right (sure) that "K" processors brings a different heatsink from normal processors?

3º If I buy an i5 it will work in my motherboard? A friend told me that I will have to update BIOS to F5 (didn't understand that), It's this right?

4º Well, I want to buy some RAM but I have some doubts about it, specifications from my motherboard says only support 1333/1066/800mhz RAM but people told me that is CPU who decides who mhz can be able. If I buy 1600mhz RAM it will work in my motherboard?

5º ¿How many RAM do you recommend me to buy? I actually have 4GB dual-channel but, but I want to buy 8GB dual-channel. It will be enough or I will need 16GB?

Well, that's all, I really sorry If you can't understand all, my english is bad.. :\

Greetings guys, really!!! :D :D :D

PD: My PC is an Intel G840, HD 5850, 4GB RAM, HDD500 BC, Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2-B3 and a Thermaltake 600w.

I just want to change CPU and RAM.
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  1. 1. There is no 3470K, its just the 3470. The 3570 has a higher clockspeed than the 3470, and there's a 3570K which has an unlocked multiplier so you can overclock it.
    2. The K series bring an unlocked multiplier so you can unlocked it, the 3570/3570K have the same cooler as a 3470.
    3. Yes, a modern i5 works with that board. I would buy a 3470/3570 for that board because it's not made to overclock - a Z77 board is better for a 3570K.
    4. If the board has a limit, you have to stick with it, otherwise the RAM won't run as fast as it should. Just buy 1333 because 1600MHz RAM will underclock to 1333, making it a waste of money.
    5. 4GB-8GB is fine with an i5 unless you need more RAM for, lets say, video editing. You should be fine with just 4GB otherwise.

    If you're a gamer, I would recommend replacing the GPU over the CPU - that makes a difference in frames, the processor makes a little difference, just a tip if you're trying to increase your gaming performance. Hope I was a big help!
  2. Thanks for answer me.

    I didn't understand last part, I mean, I have a 2 cores processor going at 2.8ghz and a little bit old but good graphic card (HD 5850), It is not better to change to an i5 3570 to get a better performance in games?

    I usually play games at 1366x368 720p) and I hope that games like Far Cry 3, Batman Arkham Assylum and Crysis 2 will run fine in that resolucion!

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