Is my rig good for games?

I posted earlier but I wanted to know if my computer wasn't good for gaming. I'm having an issue with certain games and FPS and was thinking I might have bought the wrong parts.

My Sepcs:
AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 970 Processor 3.5 GHz
16 GB
Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit
AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series

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  1. Yes, you are good. What games are you talking about? Even the 6950/70 will struggle if you push the settings too far on some newer games.
  2. it will be good for gaming, no worries
  3. Well since it is part of the 6900 series you should be find, they are great cards and I have a radeon HD xfx 6950
  4. 6950/6970 Will play games on high. or ultra without aa so yea your good to go
  5. I'm having an issue sometimes with Skyrim. It def. won't play on high settings. Sometimes it's a little off even on just High. But BF plays just fine.
  6. Yea skyrim runs better on nvidia cards i belive.
  7. I meant Ultra it wont play. Bummer so next time invest in Intel and Nvidia
  8. hey skyrim beats the s**t out of highend i7s that phenom x4 is just a wimp for it!
  9. Oh I mean yea theres nothing wrong with amd though.
  10. It has a turbo button.. Worth hitting it when I play Skyrim?
  11. Um sure? do you have a decent cpu cooler?
  12. Should be fine unless your running some insane 5760x1080 set-up with setting maxed. Some games just run faster with Nvidia, some with ATI (AMD). Some run fine and then hickup, some just run slow.

    Your system should give you a few years of pixel killing enjoyment.
  13. Yea i agree with QEFX like metro runs better on 7970 than 680. (just an example) so yea just depends what games you play
  14. stanistheman said:
    Yea skyrim runs better on nvidia cards i belive.

    it depends on resolution and what cards. at high end cards at high resolution:

    the curve shifts more into AMD's side when the resolution goes up.
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