Unsure of graphics card size in case

This may be a pretty naive question but am I right in saying that a dual width graphics card will take up an additional slot cover towards the direction of the bottom of the case? I wish to get a ASUS GTX 660ti, and from several views it appears the card occupies the slot in this fashion. The only reason is that my case has no available slots above the existing 1 slot card, only several below.

If anything it's just for clarification since it's relatively expensive to get hold of

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  1. Yes it does require two bracket slots, most cases have more then one bracket for holding video cards in place, you really don't have another slot below the PCI-E slot?

    Generally the PCI-E slot isn't in between two brackets, a dual slotted card usually occupies the slot parallel to the the PCI-E slot as well as the one below it and not the brackets on top.
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