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Integrated Network Card or Expansion Card?

Last response: in Systems
August 18, 2012 2:42:40 AM

Hi, I'm a bit confused regarding network cards, as I have heard from one person that the mobo I'm getting will need a wireless card since the integrated network card is for a wired connection (I'm on the other side of my house from the router or anything else I could plug into to get internets), while from another I heard that I didn't need a wireless card at all.
Here's the motherboard with integrated network card
Here's the wireless adapter I've been looking at.

I looked up the integrated card and I didn't see any mention of it being wireless, so I'm guessing that I'll need the adapter, but I'm just playing it safe anyway. Also, if I use the wireless adapter I should disable the integrated card in the BIOS so it doesn't waste resources, right? Derp.

Think this is the third question I've had to ask on here before even ordering my parts, so hopefully the last x]
August 18, 2012 4:28:41 AM

This motherboard does not have a wireless adapter. It has a standard ethernet port, but if you want to do wireless you either need a wireless PCI card or a WIFI USB device, whichever you prefer. The wireless card you're looking at should do just fine.
August 18, 2012 9:45:46 PM

Yeah I'm not too confident I'd be able to pull that off, and it seems a bit redundant to put all that time and effort (and resources) into that when I could get a wireless card or USB device.