AMD x3 720.. Bottleneck?

wil my x3 720 bottleneck most newer gfx cards, say the 560SE?
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  1. Possibly a little, but I'd avoid getting that card - it's rather bad.

    Go with the latest gen of tech (600 or 7000 series), or better yet, wait a few months for the generation after THAT to be released.
  2. As I recall, those were all black edition. So you should be able to overclock it. Also, unlocking the 4th core is a possibility. So you may be able to squeeze extra performance out of that unit, if needed.
  3. Lol don't get the 560 it's horsecrap, get the ti at least, there's a big performance difference, the 560 really performs low-end

    as for bottlneck, a card like the 560SE? it wont, no.

    Maybe something like a 7870 or a 660 ti and upwards willl start to see noticeable bottlneck
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