My computer wont work when I use my new psu.

So one of my friends gave me a Thermaltake TR2 600w, and i tried to use it in my current pc. It is a Gateway GT5428 with a Pentium D 3.2 GHz. It didnt have the four pin plug for beside the cpu socket, so i bought an adapter and it works until I put the psu into my case. Then it makes crazy lines across the screen. After that i plugged y original back in and it worked fine. What happened?
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    I just looked up your model their and it does have the four pin connector. It is shown as a break-away 4+4 connect. See if one the connectors is an 8 pin the breaks in half.
  2. Wow, that was easy!
    Just one more question if I bought a MSI GTX 560 would it work? I'm building the $500 dollar August 2012, and I'm gonna buy it anyways but I was just wondering if it would work now.
  3. That depends on the motherboard. What make and model is it.
  4. Yep. Has a PCIe x16 slot. Good to go.
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  6. Ok thanks so much
  7. Happy building :D
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