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Hello I see a lot of threads and many answers from this website, so I decided to do one as well..
I'm not new nor fairly new to gaming computers but my performance of games seems very lacking compared to what I had expected from it. I honestly believe it has something to do with my cpu, and harddrive. Because my graphics card is pretty much near perfect in all aspects I thought it would be.. So...
FX-4100 oc 4.2ghz
Gigabyte 970A-d3 MOBO
Sata iii 2tb 6gb/s 7200rpm 64mb cache
HD 7850 OC
8gb ram corsair 1866mhz XMS DDR3
700watt power supply

With all that said, my motherboard is only amd cpu compatible and I have done countless amounts of research on what cpu is best with a hd 7850 and none have really gave me any concrete information. I do not want to bottleneck my cpu or gpu from either one not having the support it needs. I have looked into intel cpu and that is HIGHLY recommended but I would need a whole new MOBO for an intel cpu. A Hard Drive I would think a 10000rpm paired with a SSD would also help out a lot to. I heard the fx series is just horrible and now my performance seems lacking due to my CPU and possibly my harddrive without the support of a SSD. So what is your best recommendation to get the best performance out of my gaming computer because all I use it for is gaming and heard that the Phenom II X4 965/X6 are good for gaming. Also it happens in pretty much all games, ranging from a high demanding game like Rage/Crysis to Doom/Half Life 2. I thas that sudden Frame skip to it. Thank you.
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  1. Graphic card is the problem here. 7850 is not a very high end card so you won't be getting incredible FPS with it. Your cpu is more than okay and the rest of your computer is good too.

    10000rpm is way too much for a hard drive, 7200rpm is perfect. It won't give you any performance boost. SSD either.

    FX serie is WAY better than those old phenom, your cpu is doing fine.

    You should get back to the drawing board because i think you don't understand informatic basics.

    - The Brownie
  2. really? I have seen a few videos of the 7850 with games like bf3 and crysis and some get 40 - 60 fps and I only get 30 -20 in crysis, I also get that random frame skip. You think it's my graphics card? What gpu would you recommend? I have old games like Doom3/Half Life 2 among many others like Counter Strike Global Offensive and modern games like Crysis/Rage, and in all I always get that random frame stutter. I play with vertical sync off because I get really good traction from my mouse. I play at a resolution of 1920x1080 and my monitor is 75hz. So you think it's my gpu? What gpu would you recommend?

    Seems that everything involving my problem seems to have trail mixed solutions.
  3. 7850 is okay but there are better cards on the market. I was looking at the 7950 the other day i finally bought the GTX 660Ti. 7950 is a great choice, great quality/price. There's also 7870 which is one step over what you have and performs very well.

    Your processor is doing okay but i tought it was a little better than that ... When the next generation video cards come out, you'll hvae to buy a new processor and you should take this one :

    The best processor from the FX serie ... can't go wrong.

    If you say that the problem persists in every game ? Well it can only be the CPU in that case. Maybe you're running too much things while playing and there's not enough power for your games.

    - The Brownie
  4. You are right about the processes I run during games. But I don't know what I should end in order to play the game. I had razer game booster for awhile and I didn't really help. I don't want to close anything in task manager to where I'll wreck my computer. Yeah I was playing RAGE and it said my texel rate was 32 which is fair, so it takes a bgit to load textures depending on the distance. That's normally when the problem happens. I've looked into this cpu as well and thought about it. I think I may just wait it out. Thank you for all your help.
  5. There's still one thing you can do to see if your cpu is really bottlenecking. If you have 2 screens, you put a very demanding game on one and on the other your put windows task manager with any gpu reading software to see which one of those is at 100% load. If the GPU is at 100% load and the cpu is like at 80-90, the GPU is bottlenecking. If the cpu is at 100% and the GPU at 80-90, the CPU is bottlenecking.

    - The Brownie
  6. What is a proper load percentage for neither one to bottleneck? I have never seen my cpu at 100% only 70-80 and my gpu at only 50--70. I have RadeonPro and I tried it out. It seems that games like Rage and Dark Siders 2 all run at 60 fps and drop to 57 and 58. It seems that those 3 frames every time make the game do that sudden frame skip.. But it's only 3 frames? Never seen it drop below 55 fps no matter what is going on and Rage is way more demanding than Dark Siders 2. Yet both do it? But it never happens in Dead Space 2 or Portal 2 for the most part...
  7. If you have a chance, try to get Far Cry 3 and look at which one of the two gets at 100%. It will show you which one is bottlenecking.

    I think i figured out the solution for your problem. I've seen many cases about that and i was in that situation too. It's because of your graphic card. Ati cards are powerfull but, they tend to have fps drops, at least, more than Nvidia cards. I was having FPS drops every 10 seconds and that was very frustrating. I'm sure a Nvidia card with the same performance (GTX 660 or GTX 560Ti) will not have this problem.

    But anyway, your card performs ok for now, just wait for the next serie and get yourself a decnt card + a great processor.

    If you have enough money you could even switch to Intel :P

    - The Brownie
  8. Wow thank you! I have always like AMD for being the ones that power Nintendo Systems and being priced cheaper than nvidia, seems like you get what you paid for. I Thought about getting the gtx 660 but I just happened to skip on it because I favored amd over. seems like I made a mistake on both gpu and cpu especially for what I want. Nah well it isn't a bad system at all and plays anything. Thank you for your help.
  9. It's not a bad system, but it's not a gaming beast. Keep it until a year and build a fresh new one.

    - The Brownie
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