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2GB GTS 450 SLI or GTX 560 1GB

I already have a Galaxy GTS 450 Super OC in my rig, and I was wondering if I should buy another and run them in SLI or stick with just a single one. I mostly play games such Flight Simulator X with ultra-high res texture packs. I have noticed that the GPU doesn't render as much scenery as other ones do, and when I adjust the settings for a bit higher scenery density, it lags quite a lot. Would adding another of the same card in SLI improve the framerate, bandwidth and overall rendering capabilities, or would I need a newer, faster card?

If I were to get a new card, my budget would be under $250


Here is my current setup:

AMD Phenom II 1090T @ 3.2 Ghz
(Max Achieved 4.2 Ghz w/stock air cooler)

Galaxy GTS 450 Super OC 1GB

MSI NF980-G65 Motherboard (MSI-7612)

4GB 1333 Mhz Corsair DDR3 Ram

Seagate Barracuda 500GB HDD

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit

Thermaltake 650 Watt PSU
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  1. get another gts 450 and sli it .
    it will be cheaper and probably better than a single gtx 560
  2. Or you can get a GTX 480 under $200 in newegg. Your PSU can handle it. The card is long though and get enough airflow. But a definite stronger improvement.
  3. If you get 2 Video cards and SLI them, the VRAM DOES NOT ADD UP

    So if you SLI two 450 1GB .. it will still be 1GB of VRAM.
  4. agree with fantastik250 480 will destory a 560/450 gts sli
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    I would look at this article, although it is old, you can still use it as a reference guide to see which card/cpu combination is best for your game. You wouln't want to spend money on a card only to find out that your cpu is now a bottle neck.,2403-10.html
  6. Thanks, but my case is quite cramped with just a single gpu (so cramped in fact that i had to remove the 200mm fan that came with it and replace it with a 120mm). I might get a GTX 480 after adjusting stuff in my case, but I will stick to the single GTS 450 now. And just like punnar said, I really wouldn't want to spend money on a GPU a few years later just to find out that it is being bottlenecked by my CPU. Once again, thanks for your help!
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