$900 System best bang for the buck needed!

So a friend of mine is wanting to buy a new gaming PC.
Back to the AMD or Intel discussion, lol. I am hesitantly suggesting the I5 3570k while another friend of his swears by his FX 8120

Uses: Gaming, Word, Browing, MultiTasking. (General usage)
Purchase Date: ~1 Month

His requirements: Must have Dual Channel Memory capabilities
He already has a mouse/speakers/monitor/keyboard.

All prices are from New Egg before Rebates.

Over Clocking is a possibility.
Currently not sure if he has a spare OS.

Power use is not a major concern.

My thoughts:

Case: Antec 300 Illusion $70

PSU: Corsair Cx500 V2 $60

RAM: GSkills RipJaws Series 16GB 8x2 (Leaves opportunity to throw in another 16 GB in the future) $87

Optical Drive: $17

Hard Drive(s):
Crucial M4 $110
Western Digital 500 GB $75

Wireless Network Card: ~$40 (Walmart)

AMD: - $90
Intel: - $88 <- Has Pcie 3.0 support

AMD: Fx 8120 $150
Intel: I5 3570k $225


Intel: HD 7850 $230

AMD: HD 7870 $300

^ Never heard of either brand before.

The AMD build seems to pack more power for the money with the 7850 graphics card.

Any opinions/changes/discussion are welcome!

Just realized I had posted it in the wrong forum subsection, moved and sorry.

Windows 7 Pro ~$100
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  1. The links you posted don't work.

    Personally I'd look at getting the i5 and the 7850. The difference between the 7870 and 7850 isn't worth the extra $100 IMO, and you can overclock the 7850 a bit without needing to buy a new fan.

    As for that network card I'm guessing you're going wireless? If you're plugging in to your router with an Ethernet cable don't worry about the network card, it won't add much, if anything.
  2. Edited some stuff and fixed the links.

    Any thoughts/suggestions?

    Still can't decide between the AMD or Intel builds.
  3. Best answer
    wannabepro said:
    Edited some stuff and fixed the links.

    Any thoughts/suggestions?

    Still can't decide between the AMD or Intel builds.

    Get the Intel 2500k build, AMD FX8120 is good for highly parallel programs that utilizes multicores to the extreme. Unfortunately, gaming, wording, browsing and general usage does not fall into this category and thus the i5 2500k will dominate entirely. Build him an i5 2500k build or i5 3570k build, his friend with FX8120 will drop his jaw looking at the sheer power of the the i5 in gaming and general usage. This is of course the rest of the components (video cards, SSD if any) is equivalent to the FX 8120 build.
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