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When I first built my two years back, I got a decent processor, expecting to upgrade in the future (sandy bridge i3-2105). I want to upgrade to ivy bridge, thinking about getting the i5-3570k.
I have a couple questions before buying it though just so I know what I'm doing when I get it. The first thing I looked at was to see if I had any bios updates I needed to get. The latest bios for my current mobo requires ivy bridge, so I'll probably just install through a usb.

The question I had was that I heard that ivy bridge requires ME8. MSI provided links for that as well, but they only have a windows xp and 7 version. I currently have windows 8, so which version should I use? Is there a ME8 for windows 8 available? Do I need ME8? Here is the bios download page:

Also, I wanted to know when I should update ME8 if I have to. Should I do it through usb or in windows, before and after changing processors.

Thanks for any help!
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    it is listed under your board's DRIVER downloads.
  2. It says to use a usb "pen drive" which would mean a usb flash drive, thumb drive or whatever other name they give them to keychain things. lol

    It says to use the pen drive for both the Intel M.E. update and also the BIOS update.
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