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Yamaha754 VS Sb live value2

Last response: in Components
September 1, 2001 3:46:40 PM

Hi...Tom's fans...^^
I want to write my experience about sounds card.

I had been the hoon-tech XG(yamaha 754) for 2 years.
Mainly, for mp3 songs.'s price is lower than Sb live products. almost half price.^^

it gave me higher quality sounds.
so softly rather than hardcore.

I am not a game mania. only just still hard ball6 and rogue spear. Oh, recently I started the military action game "Close Combat4,5." It were a additional cd games of game magazines.
but hoontech xg felt me good sounds in the game. soft and clear.

but a month ago I could get a Sb live value2 from my friend alomst free.

it's feature color is black. so nice, and look complicated more than others.

shortly after instll, I started hearing mp3 songs. was different feeling comparing hoon-tech XG.
more hardcore feeling. especially low and middle tones is good.

I have been heard that many users in Korea said Sb live series only are for games. gave me more strong, and powerful sounds in the games.

but it's sound quality is better than expected much more.

I think finally it is dependiong on the character of people.
if you love more soft and clear sound and merit price it is probably XG(Yamaha 744, 754 chips)

and if you are loving the hardcore aspects, your choice is probably Sb live value.

* I am recommending you should have the speaker well known for its fame. it never give you disappointment.
although it's price is higher.......--;

If you ask me for recommending which one...I would like to recommend Sblive value.....why?^^

it's color is balck....and I like more powerful low and middle tones.^^

*[-peep-]...Dodgers was lost today game.
Does Dodgers go to the world series? --;

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September 2, 2001 1:06:41 AM

I like my sb live value too. I brought it two years ago still using it. It did not give me any problem.
September 2, 2001 7:23:13 AM

SB Live sounds muddy compared to other high end cards, such as the good old Vortex2 cards, and the Phillips Accoustic Edge.

Back to you Tom...
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September 2, 2001 7:44:06 AM

SB Live sounds crappy compared to other high end cards, such as the Phillips Accoustic Edge and the good old Vortex2 cards.

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September 4, 2001 11:27:18 PM

I have been using the Aureal vortex 2 superquad with dobly digital out OPTICAL for 3 years and I would never change the ner drivers support EAX and A3D 3.0
bloody awesome sound
September 7, 2001 12:52:56 AM

I see you are copying Crashman again:) 

If it works for you then don't fix it.