Noctua D14 SE2011 on a i5-3570k

Hi all.

I recentely recieved my machine:a i5-3570k with a Noctua D14.

But I ordered the normal Noctua D14 but they installed the SE2011.
The box comes with the fans speed reducing cables and all.

My question is:
Is the SE2011's performance on an i5-3570k the same as the regular Noctua D14 version?

I can still go back and trade it on the store.
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  1. They are one and the same model simply with a different backplate/mounting - the one you have has a backplate for a socket 2011 motherboard which uses M4 screws and probably won't work well on a socket 1155 motherboard
    You will want to take it back and exchange it for the D14 with the 1155 (might say 1156) mounting bracket/backplate
  2. If it's already installed then there shouldn't be a problem, both models are identical except that the SE2011 has PWM fans.

    Just a FYI - If you have a SE2011 model and want to use it on 1155 motherboard you can get the mounting hardware from Noctua.
  3. OK thanks for the quick replies.
    I contacted the store and they used the 1155 backplate.For some reason they had a 1155 backplate in the store and the noctua d14 lga2011.
    The temps on idle @3.6-3.8 ghz with fans on level 5 running at ~900 rpm are around 31º.With prime95 i never get past 65º.
    Running on a phantom 410 with only 1 intake fan and 2 exhaust.Getting the rest of my fans( +3 140mm and +2 120mm) this week and then i'll have 6 fans intake and 4 exhaust.

    Tested 4.5ghz for 30min with offset +0.050v and temps hit 71º max.Could have gotten better if I had more air moving in.
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