Future of socket 2011?

How long will the Socket 2011 be around?

Will there be 2011 support for Haswell?

Would a 2011 mobo and CPU be a waste to get in February?

What is the new and upcoming socket to look forward to?
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  1. Socket 2011 is a new socket but i think it will not be that used in the future (in the next 3 years). It will be more used in a bunch of years when technology will be more advanced and when socket 2011 motherboards and processors will be cheap. The new leader will be 1150 socket because it will be the base socket for Haswell. The 2011 socket was released way too quickly in my opinion.

    Socket 2011 will support some of the processors with the Haswell family but not so much (just like with Ivy Bridge)

    I would consider buying a Haswell processor with a socket 1150 board instead because it will be cheaper than socket 2011 with same overall performance.

    The new socket to look at is 1150.

    - The Brownie
  2. Thank you, i will look into it!
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