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I am trying to buy a new graphic card for my cpu, and I would like a decent cost\value.The gtx 560ti provides it as im trying to aim for more performance.Im going for a custom one, but I cannot decide between the gtx560ti twin frozr III from MSI or the gtx560 ti Golden Sample. which should I choose?
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  1. So MSI GTX560ti twin frozr or Gainward's golden sample?
  2. um probally the msi. there know for there beasty cooling
  3. but what about the performance, how much do they differ?
    Thats the best 560 Ti as far as performance goes.The cooler on the other hand is nothing special.
  5. Unfortunately that version is not available in my country ,between those 2, or some other version?
  6. msi is the better option than other one and features and ferformance of is very much same and msi is also knows as coolest card
  7. But , if I run a single screen monitor, should i choose the 1gb version or 2gb? my resolution is 1920x1080
  8. 1 gb video memory is more than enough to play 2nd gen. games
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