Gtx 570 vs hd 6970 lightning


If I should aim higher, to a better graphic card, what should I get , between the custom gtx 570s or hd6950 ones?.I got enough budget , but this is as far as I'm going to get .
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  1. Hello

    In the title you've listed a HD6970, but in your post you've listed a HD6950 so abit of confusion there, anyway here is a comparison between a GTX570 and HD6970

    As you can see they are both very evenly matched, I don't think you could go wrong with either in terms of performance.
  2. yea I think I got a little hasty with my typing , thank you for the suggestion.
  3. but between those 2 i would like to choose the best , so I dont feel sorry for spending that much money. So gtx 570 or hd6970
  4. My advice would be to check some reviews for the cards your interested in, like I've said before in terms of performance there isn't much in it, reviews will show you other aspects like Noise, temps, included accessories, and the reviewers opinions.
    Also consider if your interested in features like CUDA and/or physX.
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