Is core 2 quad q9550 a good choice for new games?

:) :) Hello, I'm upgrading my core 2 duo cpu to a core 2 quad q9550 2.83 and I have a nvidia gts 450 graphics card and I have some questions about the c2q:
Is it good for new games like gta 4 and gta 5 and battefield 2?
and would it do me good for future games?
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  1. It'll suffice for now, but it'll have to be overclocked to do the more modern games. I would replace your motherboard & CPU with either a Core i3 3220 or a 3450 - you'd get much better framerates, you could basically put any graphics card with it, and it'll keep you from paying more money to upgrade in a year a two.
    Hope I was of help!
  2. I would recommend get new mobo + cpu.even i3 3220 is good for games.that quad core will not be future can get 3rd gen i5 for that price.
  3. It depends on how much you can get the q9550 for. If you can get it cheap, I would overclock it a little and then spend the money for a better graphics card. When the q9550 is clocked to 3.6/3.8(which is easy on most boards), it will be roughly equivalent to a stock i7 940 or 950.

    If you're not willing/able to overclock, then you might be looking at a 3 component upgrade, cpu,mobo, graphics card.
  4. bro I'd recommend an i5 3570k ..but you might have to change the mobo as it requires lga 1155 socket...
    its the best gaming CPU in budget...
  5. with a GT450, a Q9550 is more than enough in any game.
    You will run into serious GPU bottlenecks long before you run into CPU bottlenecks.
  6. The Q9550 is still fine for games.

    Can you get better performance from an i5-3570k? Sure, but you basically need to upgrade your motherboard and RAM.

    I would say if you get the Q9550 for about 1/3 the cost of upgrading your PC around the Core i5 CPU, then I would say it is worth it.
  7. I'm still using Q9550 with... 260 gtx on 24" LCD. Fantastic. I can play basically any game I want (no dx11) and I don't think to update/upgrade for some time. WHEN I will get to the point that there will be PLENTY of dx11 games (now its like... ONE ;) , than I will switch to some dx11 and use that computer for another 3 years :). So in my case I'm going to use that processor for next 5 years. REALLY. BTW. Get the SSD. I put 830 Samsung and Win 7/8 is fantastic. REALLY. Save your money, there are better things to spend them :)
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