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What is a good upgrade to an HD5770?

Hi all,

I currently have an XFX ATI HD5770 graphics card. It has worked great for as long as I can remember. However, I now have a problem. I just got a 24 inch 1920x1080 display. This new resolution has dropped by frames by about 20 fps. I used to be able to play skyrim on high with a great frames.

Now though, even with games like tribes ascend, I see myself dropping down to medium settings. For some reason though, Fallout 3/New Vegas seems to play well at high settings.

So, I suppose I am in the market for a new card. I only want ATI or Nvidia. My price range is 250 dollars or less. I need a card that is much better than the 5770. I want to be able to play on at least high settings in skyrim very smoothly.

I mean in skyrim on high settings looking around with my mouse is very choppy. There is a lot of stuttering but when I move it to medium settings it becomes smooth.

Please help me pick out a good card! thanks! or just any advice in general. Maybe its a problem with just skyrim or something.

NOTE* I even did overclocked the card a little using overdrive. I loved overdrive its a great feature. Do nvidia cards have a feature like this?
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    nVidia cards don't have an over-clocking feature like overdrive in their control panel, but you can use 3rd party software like MSI afterburner with both AMD and nVidia cards to achieve the same outcome.

    Either the GTX560 Ti or HD7850 are great cards in your price range and will offer double the performance of your current card.
  2. the 7850 has 2gb. the 560ti only has one. is the 7850 far superior to the 560ti?
  3. No infact the HD7850 is only slightly faster than the GTX560Ti in most cases, and is slower in some games (Battlefield 3 for example).

    More VRAM (Video Random Access Memory) does not necessarily mean more performance, The HD7850 may have more of an advantage if a game uses more than 1GB of VRAM.
  4. would i be able to crossfire this 7850 with my current 5770 for higher performance?
  5. No, Crossfire uses two cards of the same model (although they can be from different companies). A HD7850 will be a big jump over a HD5770.
  6. kingneptune117 said:
    would i be able to crossfire this 7850 with my current 5770 for higher performance?

    As far as I can remember I already asked here about this, i don't know how to search even still, No you can't crossfire a 7850 and 5770, you need to both to be the same (for example 2x 7850 or 2x 5770) and you can crossfire with different manufacturers different (ASUS 7870/MSI 7870)
  7. Just to add with AMD cards you can sometimes crossfire two or more cards in the same family (E.G 78xx series) and they don't have to be the same model.

    So for example you could crossfire a HD7870 and HD7850, although performance will obviously be less than HD7870 CF.

    Just an FYI
  8. ok, so you guys think this 7850 will be a huge jump in performance from my 5770? I shouldnt have a problem running skyrim with high settings at 1920x1080?

    Is there anything coming out I should wait for? I dont need to get a new card at this minute, I can wait if there is something better coming out for the price?
  9. It will be a massive jump, like I said before double the performance (perhaps more in some games).

    Have a look here:

    Over 60 FPS minimum at your resolution (!)
  10. I was actually just looking at that.

    On those comparison charts, which one of those cards most resembles the performance of a 5770. I want to somewhat compare the fps between my 5770 and the 7850. Or is the performance of the 5770 so low it fits no where on that chart?
  11. The HD5770 is far too slow to be mentioned on that chart.

    See this comparison:

    Skyrim at 1920 x 1200, 21 vs 78 FPS
  12. sold

    also that resolution is 1920x1200. mine is 1920 x 1080. so their resolution is higher than mine, correct?
  13. Yep, their resolution is larger so you can expect slightly higher FPS with yours.
  14. awesome

    man..the 5770 used to be a great card. what happened?
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  16. kingneptune117 said:

    man..the 5770 used to be a great card. what happened?

    Yeah technology and games move on quickly, games are more demanding and people play at higher resolutions these days.

    Enjoy your new card! :sol:
  17. if i get the 7850 will it be obsolete in a year?
  18. I wouldn't say obsolete, I think you'd get atleast a few years of gaming at high quality settings out of it.
  19. ok! how much do you think i can sell my 5770 for? is there even a market for used cards?
  20. Yes I reckon you could sell a HD5770 on Ebay, (craigslist or gumtree) for roughly $60.

    People still want smaller cards that use little power for HTPC's or for playing older games.
  21. i went from the 5770 to gtx 570 and it was a totally different experience i highly suggest it or a 480 if u dont mind the heat. both i have seen recently 200~250 range great for what you pay.
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