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I was wondering if this build could work to play games (like StarCraft II, League Of Legends, BF3, and WoW) at or near max settings (knowing BF3 though..).

I plan on recording gameplay on League of Legends and StarCraft II and then editing it via Adobe Premiere Pro.

Would this work for what I want? So like, gaming/editing for Youtube. Hoping to max settings while recording too
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  1. The parts are just pretty much there and I often check Micro Center, Newegg and more for sales etc.
  2. Not ultra or anything like that. (except in LoL)
    You could get a 7850 for just a bit more and it performs like a boss, OCs like a champ and consumes much less power in the process.

    Im assuming you have Micro center near you since you check for deals occasionally, They have a great deal when you buy a CPU + Mobo combo.
  3. Assuming this is light recording and not done on the professional level. I'm curious why a Z68 motherboard and not a Z77. With recording with a software like Fraps, you'll need an additional HDD with good sequential writes or else the FPS will drop. The GTX 560 ti is a great choice for gaming and video editing. While the 7850 is a much more appealing option in gaming, it does not have CUDA cores. The GTX 560 ti is beneficial for mercury playback in Adobe Premiere Pro. Also, for the Cooler Master HAF912, I suggest adding a few more fans to provide excellent cooling. I do not own BF3 however, i've heard the game uses a lot of Vram.

    How to get the best performance out of Fraps

    Cooler Master HAF 912 benchmarks

    BF3 Vram
  4. If you're doing video/sound/photo editing. shell out the extra $100 for the i7-2600k/3770k.

    hyperthreading speeds it up by 20-30%

    and also get a nvidia gpu since they got cuda cores and adobe supports nvidia gpu acceleration...
  5. You can substantially increase the video workload process by implementing a RAID 0 between 2 of those 1TB drives, and changing the memory to 16GB instead of 8

    Like mentioned above, you should choose a different video card
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