A new System!

im thinking of getting a new system well upgrade wise. I will play mostly MMO's like FFXIV and GW2. Also I will play games like Max Payne 3, BF3 not Multi-player. Currently I have a

CPU: AMD 955 BE @ 3.7 stable.
GPU: ATI 5850 HD OC'd
MOBO: AM3+ something
RAM: 1333 Corsair 8gb
HDD: 300gb Samsung 7200rpm
PSU: 550 Watts
OS: Win 7 64 bit
Display: 1920x1080 on either a 24 inch or 46 inch TV
Future HDD on the Way: SSD Samsung 128 GB sata II

What I'm looking at is

CPU: AMD FX-4170 Zambezi 4.2GHz
GPU: ATI 7850 or 7950 ( I want the bigger bang for buck)
HDD: SSD Samsung 128 GB for Games ( Mostly MMOS)
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  1. the 4170 is a lateral move, possibly a step slightly backward, keep your 955 until Piledriver comes out, get the gpu and ssd though
  2. your current rig you are using looks ok from here. i dont see too much of a point upgrading
  3. So really no point into needing to upgrade the GPU (5850 HD). I was thinking of getting a 2nd 5850 but with the micro-stuttering problems i guess I'd better stay way from it.
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    there is no point.

    micro-stuttering is pretty much solved in the newer cards through better drivers. sometimes it still exsits but not as much as it used to
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  6. thanx alot i just didnt want to drop $$ as long as my current card can keep up! I went ahead and got the SSD though.
  7. no problem
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