Herc Game Theater XP; good choice?

That's the friggin sound card I think I want; does it have any conflicts with other hardware? and most importantly, does it whip the llamas ass?
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  1. I brought that card for my new system and its great. If you plan on doing alot of audio work I recommend it. And if you have alot of USB devices like me (Scanner, Digi Cam, Mouse)
    The external rack acts as a very useful 4 port USB hub. Here is my setup.

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    512 DDR RAM
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  2. I tried the Game theater XP, it was ok for MP3, but I found if you have, like me, two sets of 2.1 with sub's then it turns your second pair's volume down to 50%, you could reset it to play at 100% volume, but the next time you reboot it's back down to 50%. I guess it thinks it's a 5.1, and I played with it for two day before I took it back to get the SB Live! Platinum with remote. I would go with the SB Live Platinum, it sound great and it has a very cool remote and nice looking 5 1/2 drive with all the stuff the XP has.

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    2 Maxtor 40.9=80GB ATA100@7200RPM in RAID-0
    Dual-boot Win98/Win2000 PRo sp2
    ASUS V8200 Deluxe GeForce3 64MB DDR
    Sony 21" Trinitron
    Sound Blaster Platinum 5.1 with remote.
    2 full sets of Altec Lansing 495's (2.1) with 2 sub's.
    Hitachi DVD drive.
    Hp 9100i CD-writer
    Intel Pro100 Nic (PCI)
    @home cable Internet and so on...

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  3. sounds like gozer needs new drivers or is doing something wrong, because I had a similair set up and no problems. The game theater is awsome in every way. And it's not made by the enemy who bought the tech for my old soundcard (mx300) and then cancelled software upgrades on it so I had to buy another card when I left 98. This evil force is none other than creative labs and the less I support them the better. In their defense though- live platinum is also a very cool card.

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  4. >> does it whip the llamas ass?

    Well, it should, if it's anything like my Santa Cruz and it supposed to be considering they both use the same chip! Get it and you'll love it! Basically any card based on the Crystal SoundFusion 4630 will make Creative Labs look bad! They sound amazing! I originally bought a SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 OEM and then I returned it and bought a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz and I was awed by the experience. The Hercules Game Theater XP is basically the Santa Cruz with a lot of extra features.

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  5. If you plan on getting Windows XP, don't buy the Hercules GTXP. It does not work - and may not work properly for a long time.

    Hercules has been silent on this issue and keeps putting off the date of the "fixed" drivers.

    And, by not work, I mean NOT AT ALL. Just loud noise.

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  6. you'll find a lack of xp drivers all over the place. give it a month or two.

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