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Is AMD E1 - 1200 enough or FX 4100 or Other?

Hi, i am planning to build my own computer and contemplating on choosing the best the processor for my needs. my current all-in-one desktop has AMD E1-1200 processor - and i am reasonably happy with my browsing experience.

The computer i am going to build is only for basic web browsing like reading news at yahoo site, checking email etc. and i do not plan to do any gaming, or any intense activities like adobe, photo or video editing etc, all i will use this new computer is for routine web surfing and some very basic microsoft word etc.

which would be the better processor for these basic activities? should i use amd E1 - 1200 (which I already have in my current computer) or is FX 4100 will be better? Or is FX 8350 (the latest piledriver) or an i3 or i5 will be better than amd e1-1200 processor? i am very concerned about the speed of browsing the web, if possible i will go for the one processor that will give me the fastest web browsing feature. i heard that the processor speed is not that important for web browsing rather the internet connection (broadband etc) is the main factor regarding the web surfing speed, is that right or going for expensive processor will make a difference?

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  1. If you are not gamer then fx4100 is good.i reccomend you to get fx4300 or fx 6300.
  2. The E1-1200 should suffice. No point buying an expensive CPU for web browsing and email.
  3. Thanks Ashish65!!! Glad to know that you recommend fx 4100 or fx 4300 or fx 6300; however will I get better web browsing experience (speed of surfing) if I choose an i3 or i5 or amd fx 8350 (the latest piledriver), I can pay for it or i5 too if they will help to improve my web browsing experience (speed of browsing) but if it is an overkill then I will avoid buying such expensive processors.

  4. Thanks FinneousPJ too!!!
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    Browsing the internet is primarily limited by the speed of the internet connection. However, the CPU must must process the data coming through such as all the java code in the background and the graphics card / core needs to playback the various Flash based ads or Flash videos from Youtube and other streaming video sites.
    I would get something better than an AMD E1-1200 which is pretty weak because the web is only going to become more CPU dependent over time.

    To streamline the PC and possibly save money, I would buy a CPU with an integrated graphics core. Two options are:

    Intel Pentium G630 - Inexpensive ($65) and it should provide you with more enough processing for your needs for several years. The integrated graphics should be good enough as well, but it might not be good enough to play Blu-Ray movies flawlessly if that is something you want to do eventually. If that is the case, then you can always add an inexpensive graphic card to do that in the future ($20 - $40 when on sale).

    AMD Trinity APU - The Trinity APUs (socket FM2) are AMD's combination of CPU and graphics core in a single package (Intel simply calls theirs CPUs). The AMD Trinity A4-5300 is priced at $65. Due to the high CPU speed it is a little faster than the Pentium G630 I mentioned above (but if both were the same speed, then the Pentium would be the more powerful CPU). It also has a more powerful graphic core; enough to play Blu-Ray movies without the need to install a graphics card in the future.

    I did not mention any of the Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs because I don't think you need to spend over $100 for a CPU or APU that fits your needs. The same can be said for AMD's FX series and since non of the FX processors have an integrated graphics core you will need to spend money on a separate graphics card.

    Overall, I think the Trinity A4-5300 is the better of the two simply because I know it will not have issues decoding Blu-Ray movies. However, if your future needs remains the same as your current needs, then either CPU and APU should last you several years.
  6. I've got 2 E-350s (laptop and ITX HTPC) booting off SSDs, and they work just dandy.

    If you wanna rock WWW, email and media, a 65w AMD A4-5300 Trinity APU/Radeon HD 7480D with an ASRock FM2A75M-ITX FM2 A75 (Hudson D3) would be a monster.

    I'm waiting for Asus/Gigabyte FM2 ITX before making a leap, though AsRock is decent (the HTPC is an AsRock ITX). The FM2 chipset will allow you to upgrade the processor to the Trinity2 APU and the next-gen Kaveri (Steamroller CPU cores / Cape Verdi GCN cores).

    Them Bobcat cores is soldered-on :p
  7. Jaguarskx and Wisecracker, Thanks!!! both of you. Very informative and definitely helpful!!!
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