Good gaming processor for my config...

my config is
3 gb ddr3 ram
hd 6770 msi md 1 gddr5
32 bit win 7 ultimate
cooler master extreme 500w psu
i actually read that an amd apu (cpu+integrated gpu) can automatically crossfire x with the pci gpu like mine...if this is true then plzzz recommend me an amd apu of the performance of i5 3570k & its gpu will crossfire with my 6770 ....
if the crossfire is not possible then recommend an amd processor of the performance of about i5 3570k ...
additionally plzzz recommend a suitable mobo for the processor & the hd 6770 that'd give me quite control of the mobo like overclocking , fan control etc...
my budget is about rs 18000 inr..
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  1. There is no AMD APU that can crossfire with a 6770, it's only up to a 6670.
    Can you give us in USD please so that it's easier to recommend things
  2. its about 328 $...
    bro i've read many forums & got that i can crossfire the apu with the 6770..additionally 6670 & 6770 both belong to the 6000 series...then why is this difference..
  3. The 6670 IS the highest video card that APUs can crossfire right now. Seeing as you have quite a budget, how about just get a core i5-3470 and an H77 motherboard. That is way better than getting any APU.
  4. actually i don't get much fps in bfy ..probably due to cpu bottleneck ..
    so my gpu can't be cfx with any apu can u just give me a good AMD processor for gaming @ 1600*900 resolution at Max.. & a suitable mobo..
  5. what should be the best mobo & CPU for gaming at $130...actually my cousin is also building a new pc & he's just got stuck at choosing the mobo n processor...
  6. AMD FX4300 (quad-core) or FX6300 (Hexacore and only $10 more than the FX4300). It won't perform as good as an i5 but it's not far off
  7. what about the above question...budget = 130$
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    MasterFURQAN said:
    what about the above question...budget = 130$

    Intel Pentium G850 ($80) and a cheap H61 motherboard ($50-$60)
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  10. 10x bro for informing...
  11. You're welcome ;)
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