Will this Gaming Comp set up work together?

I'm just wondering if this set up will be compatible with all the other components and if I'm missing anything really important.

Only thing I can think of is an aftermarket cooler for the CPU but the case has 4 pretty good sized fans.

Case- NZXT Phantom
Hard Drive- 2TB Hitachi GST Deskstar
Video Card- EVGA Geforce GTX 660i
Power- 850 Cooler Master (thinking of going 950 for adding another video card at a later date)
Ram- 16G G.Skill Ripjaws
Motherboard- ASUS P8Z77-V LK LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI BIOS
CPU-Intel i7 3770k Ivy bridge
SSD- Corsair 120G

Also want to run dual monitor (Asus 24"/Acer 22")
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  1. 1: get the phantom 410. you dont need the extra space
    2:id get a galaxy gc gtx660ti. much better cooler and more overclockable
    3:you need this and it would be more than enough. 850w is absurd
    4:you only need 8gb of ram. use this
    5: if you are only gaming, get this
    6: if you are gettting the LK board, get this instead
    7: for the SSD, this is better
  2. if you plan on editing videos, ignore my suggestion about the i5 3570k and the 8gb of ram
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    You dont need an i7, first of all. An i5 3570K will do more than enough.

    With the money from downgrading an i7 - i5, get a GTX670 from either Gigabyte or MSI.

    Never get a CoolerMaster PSU, they arent THAT reliable. (except for the Silent Pro series.) Get one from either XFX, Antec, Seasonic, Silverstone and the like.

    You dont need 16GBs of RAM for gaming, unless you will be running apps that require alot of RAM. If not, 8GBs will suffice.

    Id change that SSD to an M4 or Vertex 4 from Crucial and OCZ (respectively)

    Since your probably going to get an 850W PSU from the brands above, you can SLI the 670s and (almost) get the performance of a 690.

    Other than that, you did an OK job. :D I like that Phantom case.
  4. I was going to be running fraps/games/streaming all at the same time. I was going to get the i7 because I'm kinda going for a future proof "perfect" build and the only real upgrade ill need in the next few years would be an extra graphics card.
    (thats what I'm thinking anyway)

    Would the 850w work after SLI the 670's? I'm still wondering about graphics cards (7870's vs 660ti's?)

    Thank you guys for your quick response. Appreciate the knowledge you guys are sending my way.
  5. 850W quality Watts will be more than enough for SLI GTX670 even if OCed. 670s seem to be the best bang for the buck.
  6. the i7 is just an i5 with Hyper threading. :) I bet you will keep that i5 for atleast 2 years.

    Yes, 850W is more than enough for a 670 SLI configuration. That said, it will handle 2 7870s or 660Tis.
  7. Drop to a 650-750W psu, it can still run 2 7870s/7950 or 2 670s flawlessly. Personally, I would suggest Corsair or Seasonic psu. CM isn't good, others are pretty good but these 2 are the best for psu.

    For SSD, Samsung 830 or Crucial M4. These 2 are the only ones I'd recommend, and skip sandforce if possible

    You pretty much don't need an i7, the 3570K is more than enough to power 2 670s. If you feel that they bottleneck your system later in the future, overclock it. That's where overclocking comes in

    For video card, I like the 7950 better. If it fits your budget anyway.
  8. 750w is perfect for SLi systems. i dont know why people think that 850w is ok for 1 gpu setups
  9. TheBigTroll said:
    750w is perfect for SLi systems. i dont know why people think that 850w is ok for 1 gpu setups

    I know. But at least it's still better than people trying to run a high-end setup on a generic 'grey' power supply
  10. diablotek.....
  11. Only reason I was going 850 was because I was trying to build my computer on ibuypower and it said for the SLi 7850's I would need an 850w power supply. If I shouldn't go for the i7 because it's just an i5 with hyper threading should I go with the AMD 8core since I'll be multi tasking so much with it?

    Again thanks guys for your advice.
  12. Doing 3 things wont be much of a strain on the i5, but do feel free to get an i7 if you really feel like you need it.
  13. Is this motherboard going to work or is there a better one I should be looking at? I'm not like super into the best brands but all the ones on the high end comp lists were the ASRock and Z77's. I took your guys advice on changing the power supply and SSD to better quality ones.

    Also off topic question. A Dual monitor set up is more based on your video cards for efficiency and quality right? Or is it something else?

    Should have totally come to this place first.
  14. i have no idea why you would pay someone to do something for much more when you can do it yourself for free
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