Graphics card upgrade for Emachines EL1300G-02w

I had this computer for 3 years now, and I can't take it's graphics anymore. The graphics is a GeForce 6150se and it is so bad. But I don't think I can even put a low profile card there because the case is so tiny. And I don't know if it has a PCI express slot, so please help! :(
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  1. That system has a 1x PCIe slot, but the specs on it are horrible for any upgrades. Get a new system. It's a slow CPU, low quality power supply, small case with few slots, any money you spend on a video card would be pretty much a waste.
  2. Thanks, I was considering a whole new PC. I guess I'll have to wait 4 years for a new PC (If my parents even let me buy a new one.)
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