AMD FX 4100 worth it?

I am looking to upgrade my second in home PC and saw that the FX 4100 was on sale for 79.99 at Compusa. Ive heard good and bad things about this processor and was wondering if it is worth it at this price or i should go with something else? Thank you.
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  1. It suppose it depends on what you currently have, and what you want to do.
  2. right now i have an Athlon X2 6400. The new computer will be used for some light to medium gaming and basically just web surfing.
  3. That is a socket AM2 CPU. You will need to upgrade to a socket AM3+ motherboard to use the FX-4100. It will be a pretty good increase in performance and it allows for some overclocking as well. I think I've read somewhere that the FX-4300 is better for overclocking though.

    The cheapest price that I am aware of is $95.
  4. Yea i knew i needed a new motherboard, just was not sure if the fx 4100 was a good value at 79.99. The price i saw in an ad for Compusa in store only though. Thanks for your help
  5. Yeah, for $80 I would say it is a good value.
  6. I think ill pick one up later then. I just was not sure because of some of the things ive heard and read but i figured for that price it cant be that bad.
  7. It depends if you are gamer then do not get that fx4100.better to get fx4300 or fx 6300.
  8. I do game but i already have a gaming computer, this one would be used by my wife and daughter playing games occasionaly. It doesnt need to be max graphics. I just want it to be able to play new games even if its no higher than medium settings.
  9. if you want cpu under $100 then simply get intel g860.

    intel g860 beats fx 4100, fx 6100, fx 8120

    see here-,3106-2.html
  10. I really don't like the AMD cpus atm because a highly overclocked 8350 still gets out performed by a stock clock 3570k. A 4000 series chip should be ok for low to medium settings at 1920x1080 as long as you have a graphics card about as good as a ~6750
  11. +1 ^
  12. I will probably stick my 6850 in it at some point when i upgrade my other computers graphic card.
  13. I'd take an old phenom 965 over a fx 4100 this one is $75:

    Clock for clock the phenom II is faster than the original bulldozer cpu's.
  14. I'm A Gamer With An AMD FX 4100, And I Really Don't Recommend It :)
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    ASHISH65 said:
    if you want cpu under $100 then simply get intel g860.

    intel g860 beats fx 4100, fx 6100, fx 8120

    see here-,3106-2.html

    Its better GAMING cpu at stock, but its not faster overall and its not a better choice either. The 4100 can overclock fairly easily while the G860 cant. In fact, the 4100's big brother, the 4170, in that same article tied for best gaming cpu between $100-$200. Take a look:,3106-3.html

    The only difference between the 4100 and the 4170 is the multiplier setting. Which is unlocked in the 4100. Buy the 4100, up the multiplier to 21, and you have a 4170 for half the price.

    At $79, thats tough to turn down.
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  17. Yes i know many people talk down about the Bulldozers and especially the 4100 but for the price i dont think i can go wrong. I already have a gaming rig for myself with an i5 2400 and i dont expect this processor to be amazing, i just want to make sure im not getting complete crap.
  18. I think it is a decent processor. I personally own it with an 6850 gc
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