Graphics card fan Spinning but no display

I have:

gigabyte z77x-d3h
sapphire Radeon 6870
intel i5 2500k
Corsair cx 600W

My issue is trying to attach my monitor (VGA) to the graphics card (DVI) using a VGA to DVI adapter, when I do it my monitor doesn't detect anything. it's just on amber light however when I attach it to the motherboard without the adapter it's perfectly fine.

It's a new GPU what's going on?
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  1. are you connecting your monitor to computer vie the motherboard connection and not the gpu card if so you have not turned off your onboard graphics and then should work ok if so go into your bios and look for on board graphics and turn off then it work or you have not loaded driver on propely unimstall and redo
  2. I just had to build a system and use one of the VGA to DVI adapters. I used this particular piece (not that it matters at all).

    Just so we can check it off...are you plugging in the PCI-Express connector from the PSU directly to the video card?

    Is the GPU properly slotted in the PCI-Express slot?

    Also, is there a possibility that you have another system that you could check the GPU on?
  3. What dvi to VGA adapter are you using? make sure it has the four prongs separated by the big flat pin. You can read more about this on wikipedia im terrible at explaining things.

    Edit: oh and yes if you can connect via mobo while the GPU is plugged in then go into your bios and force it to use the PCI-E slot instead of integrated graphics.
  4. Look in your motherboard manual for "resetting CMOS".
    Attach the monitor cable to the 6870 and reset CMOS according to the manual.
    When you have completed the Reset steps boot computer normally and you should have video.
  5. 1. You could boot up into safe mode.

    2. Right click the My Computer Icon and choose the Properties option

    3. Navigate to the Advanced tab and look for the Device Manager option

    4. Look for Display Adapters and click the ‘+’ option to expand the properties

    5. You should find something that may say “Intel Integrated Graphics” or something that says Onboard or Integrated with either your motherboard manufacturer’s name on it. Right click that name and select the properties option

    6. Select the Disable tab (do NOT uninstall)

    7. Shut down your computer after it has been disabled

    8. Once your computer is completely shut down, remove the power cable and all other cables from the back of your case and open up the case, install new video card

    9. Boot up normally, then install drivers ect. and you're good to go.
  6. This has actually left me seriously depressed, spent 3 days trying to find out what's wrong still can't.

    I've disabled intel onboard graphics.. when I restart the monitor won't even detect the motherboard i had to reset BIOS.

    I've tried to change 'Init display first' to "PCI" but it automatically changed back to Auto..

    I have this adapter:

    Honestly don't know what to do.
  7. When I attach the VGA to the DVI my monitor goes into sleep mode.
  8. we need more info from you.
    Did you connect both 6pin PCIE power cables to the video card?
    Looking at the back of the case. Are you connecting to the far left DVI port on the card?
    Have you completely shut down and reset the CMOS according to you motherboard manual?
    Setting motherboard to initiate PEG or PCIE not PCI for display?
    Without knowing these things all we can do is guess.
  9. I connected both 6pin PCIE power cables to the video card - YES

    I have connected to the far left DVI port (If you mean the white one in this picture)

    shut down and reset the CMOS according to motherboard manual?

    No I just removed the battery and put it back in.

    I initiated it for PCI not PEG or PCIE, is it supposed to be PEG?
  10. yes PEG is for a PCIE graphics card. the 6870 is a PCIE card.
    Set it to PEG ,dissable the onboard graphics and save and restart.
  11. Just did it, when i switch to PEG and save BIOS restarted and i checked BIOS again to make sure it was on PEG but it switches back to 'Auto' on it's own..

    I disabled the intel graphics but the only thing i achieve is not being able to use my monitor at all. I had to reset BIOS.

    any other suggestions ? :(
  12. When you save and exit let it start booting and shut down. connect the monitor cable to the video card then boot up. If it is still connected to the motherboard vga header you will not get a signal.
    Also you need to connect to the black or dark DVI connector. The whith connector is dual link DVI connector and does not cary the analog signal for vga.
  13. Guys honestly, I believe the graphics card is dead - I ran the GPU without the 6pins (the fan goes hella fast) using only the motherboard, and the fan started to spin = my motherboard can't be the problem.

    PSU can't be a problem.

    RAM can't be a problem it's detected and in working order.

    It's all down to the graphics card sadly.

    I'm hoping theres a Fix for this but if there isn't, I'm gonna have to send it off on monday and get an Nvidia graphics card instead.
  14. As stated above you need to use the black or dark colored DVI port, the white is a dual link DVI-I connector and does not carry the analog signal your monitor needs.
    The white connector carries 2 digital signals, the black connector carries 1 digital and 1 analog signal.
    It wil not work using the white connector.
  15. So I need a VGA to DVI-D connector? assuming that's what you're saying because the black one is DVI-D
  16. The black connector carries analog and digital signal.
    The white connector carries 2 digital signals.
    You need to plug the adaptor you have into the black connector for your d-sub(vga) monitor to get the analog signal. your monitor will not work on the white connector,it only has digital signals present. Your monitor needs the analog signal from the black connector.
  17. I'm slightly confused, can you send me a link to the adapter I will be needing?
  18. Can you post any pictures of your actual card and connections? The adapter you purchased is the exact same one I have used on the exact same video cards. Need more information.
  19. You already have the adaptor you need.
    Plug it into the black or dark colored port on the video card, connect monitor cable to adaptor and boot.
  20. I had this adapter:

    Now this a 24pin connecter however to the left it has 4 extra pins surrounded the one big one.

    This is the darker DVI connecter:

    It does not have the extra 4 pins surrounded the one big one in order to insert the VGA to DVI adapter into.

    The DVI connecter only connects to DVI-I Dual Link, it cannot fit into the DVI-D Dual link port.
  21. try the graphics card on another computer
  22. My apoligies I looked at the first link you gave and it does not show the 4 pins in the first picture on newegg.
    I will look for an adaptor that will work this evening.
  23. lol sorry just wandering if you found the adaptor or It's a dead GPU
  24. gamersbureau said:
    When I attach the VGA to the DVI my monitor goes into sleep mode.

    this is exactly what has happend to me, I have a 2500k sandy bridge i5
    cit 550psu
    AS rock h61m-dgs motherboard
    and have been trying to get my new MSI r7770 working and had no luck. after think that my GPU must be deffected I decide to try and try my very old beginners GPU and boot my pc up after I had turn off the onboard graphic.
    DID EXCATLY THE SAME! mointor would say that there was nothing connected until any GPU i put in ?????
    Please help me I am stuck and dont have a clue what to do next!
  25. I have the exact same problem.
    MY build:
    3rd gen i7-3770
    Gigabyte z77-Ud3h
    Nvidia 650Ti
    16gb ripjaw ram
    WD 1TB 7200
    240gb chronos ssd
    cosair 600w

    I bought all the part above off newegg. Assembled the computer works fine. Installed windows 7 via a clean boot off a thumbdrive. Computer works great! ... until i plug the nvidia gpu into the 6 pin psu cable. Computer boots with gpu attached to mobo (but not connected via the 6 pin from the psu), but the gpu fan just goes crazy. When i try to boot with the 6 pin plugged in the system boots, i can hear the window sound starting and everything but there is no display on my monitor.

    What ive tried:
    -disabling the internal gpu (on the BIOS and the Control Panel) but this result in no display on my monitor what so ever.
    -switch the graphic boot off of pci (havent tried peg) but it just goes back to auto
    -pluging the monitor cord (vga) in to the mobo vga and the gpu using the DVI connector that came w/ the gpu. both result in no display on the monitor
    -downloading the the driver off nvidia (with the card plugged in to the 6 pin after boot up) but the download fails because it cant detect the gpu supported by the driver
    -unplugging and replugging everything into the mobo
    -computer work fine as long as the gpu isnt plugged into the 6 pin psu cable

    As of now i cant use my nvidia gpu which really sucks. need help please:/
  26. Im aware this is an old thread, but worth a shot.

    I've been having the exact same issues. I've plugged my G-Card into another system and it works great.

    I have GA-Z77-D3H
    ATI 6950
    intel 2500k
    Corsair TX750
    8GB Corsair RAM

    Anyone been able to fix this issue?
  27. Anyone got an answer to this? Having the same problem at the moment, thanks
  28. I've got a brand new Gigabyte MOBO, a 4th Gen i5, and I'm having the same problem - only difference is my video card is recognized if I reboot after about 15 minutes of having the computer 'warm up', but the video card is never recognized on a cold boot. My video card was pulled from a working rig, so I know for a fact it works great as I never had an issue with it being detected until I installed the new Gigabyte motherboard. I've already replaced the PSU, and it had zero effect on the situation, so I'm going to try replacing the MOBO next. Here's hoping....
  29. I have the problem that
    my whole pc is working, the fan of graphics card is also working but it is not giving any display.
    i have tried using diff gfx on my mobo but it isn't giving any display...the monitor goes to sleep...
    please give somme solution..
    Thank You
  30. khushmehta191 said:
    I have the problem that
    my whole pc is working, the fan of graphics card is also working but it is not giving any display.
    i have tried using diff gfx on my mobo but it isn't giving any display...the monitor goes to sleep...
    please give somme solution..
    Thank You

    I have the same problem with my GTX 660, I do not know what to do and I want help immediately or else, I tried everything and nothing. I need a solution but mostly everyone's solution is the same, but I have not tried resetting CMOS maybe that will work? I don't know and I am afraid that I will end up screwing up my computer if I proceed.
  31. Same problem, need answers. Mine is an AMD XFX Radeon R9 280x plugged into a GA Z97X SLI mobo. Fans spin yet when I plug any cable into the GPU it won't work.
  32. i have the same problem. i just missed to put power cable in video card... now it works fine :D
  33. Look see some of the graphic cards can not be reorganized on gigabyte motherboard it is my practical experience if you do all correct and still no display its better to Chang mobo there is no theory about that its all about vram speed could not be reorganized on this

    So changing your GPU or mobo would be the better thing
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