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[ask] is this normal for i3 2120

I'm an amd user for years, never touch intel for years

Recently I bought an intel processor I3 2120 and mainboard, I installed the processor without even reading the installation manual before hand

Also I used noctua thermal paste, and removed the thermal paste which came with the intel package

After I installed the processor, I realized there "might" be a few slight mistakes when I locked the HSF into the main board, as there were only 2 locks which sounded "click" out of 4 locks and maybe several other mistakes which I didn't realize yet until now.....

I'm too lazy to reopen the case and reinstall the processor

So I ran a test with intel burn test in a mild cold room

This is what I got

Is this normal ? or should I reopen, reapply the thermal paste and reinstall the HSF ?

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    Max temps seems pretty normal. You should actually remove the thermal paste on the stock cooler though before applying aftermarket thermal paste. However, seems like there's no problem.
  2. Agreed. Thats a normal max temp on stock heatsink. Maybe a bit higher because the intel heatsink already comes with thermal paste on it so you have esentially put thermal paste on thermal paste
  3. @Ezioas, @Darth, sorry, I meant that I removed the thermal paste on the stock cooler, then I applied noctua thermal paste

    So the temp is absolutely normal then ?
  4. Yes, they are normal. No need to worry
  5. No problem. Did you use 99% iso to remove?

    It's normal. To be honest using the different thermal paste probably hasn't lowered your temp much at all because it just helps the heatsink work more efficiently.

    Since the heatsink cannot transfer much heat quickly then the thermal paste ceases to matter.

    Those temps are fine and safe. IF you want cooler look at the hyper 212 evo. Cheap and will massively lower your temps.
  6. @darth, actually I use WD40 on a tissue to remove it :)

    Should I use isoprophyl 99% instead ?
  7. You should, but if it's running fine, there's no need to go through the trouble of doing it
  8. Yes but since it's done it's done. I wouldn't use WD40 again. The oils can ruin a chip and even if not it leaves a residue that will hinder heat transfer.
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