What are "normal" temperatures?

I have a XFX HD 5770, and my control center and Speccy both tell me my temperatures are at 60 Celsius when idle.. Why does this seem hot to me for being idle?

My CPU is at 30 celsius, mobo 29, HD is 43
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  1. Thats a little warm for idle, but nothing to really worry about. As long as on load it does not get up to or past 85C, you should be fine.

    The rest looks fine.
  2. It might be a good idea to shut down and pull the card and blow the dust out the fan.
    be sure to ground your self first =)
  3. Is it safe to increase my fan speed? Its at 44%
  4. I wouldn't see why it would be a bad idea to increase the fan speed. May as well go for it. The 5770 is an old card if youve had it since it came out, and it might have some dust caked in it. Get some compressed air, and blow that dust out if there is any.
  5. an idle gpu should normally be just slightly above idle cpu.
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