Developement/gaming system, need advice

I have my money set aside, so now it is time to buy my new system. This will be both for gaming (I am not hardcore, but I want something reasonable), and development. The Nvidia card is required for GPU programming.

I picked the CPU and Video card, since they most directly impact performance and price, then memory based on reviews, then got stuck on trying to pick a motherboard.

Hard drives, SSD, and optical drives are all easily upgradable, so I am not as concerned with those (I will probably start out with just scavenging my old system).

Obviously, cost is an issue, but then again, I don't want to sacrifice the system to save $50. So I am looking at mid priced items.

Also note that I live in a dusty area, so that may impact cooling.

I am looking at the following:
- CPU : Intel Core i5-3570k (I may be overclocking, so I want the option)
- Video : Geforce GTX 660ti (looking at MSI due to the dust removal idea)
- Memory : G.Skill Ares F3-1600C8D-8GAB (good reviews)
- Motherboard :
- Cooler :
- Power Supply :
- Case :

Advice and ideas would be appreciated.
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  1. oh and buy the os from this guy. he sells the retail version for much less. ask for a dvd and not a download
  2. are you going to do SLI in the future? and how much money are you putting into this?
  3. I do not plan on going SLI. Gaming is a secondary concern to development, and I don't think there is much added advantage for GPU programming when using SLI.

    I would like to play games, but am by no means a hardcore gamer. I am fine with lower resolution.
  4. are you developing graphical content such as 3D animations or items of such? if so, a quadro card is more for you. they dont really play games but they are for graphical work
  5. Not developing graphics content. I do algorithmic programming and puzzle solving. Think Sudoku or data analysis.
  6. ok then.

    something that wont overclock

    something that will

    get the OS from where i suggested

    2 more things
    if you are doing things that require more CPU power or threads, look into a i7 3770k.
    (luxury item)you can buy a samsung 830 128gb and put your programs, OS, and other apps onto the SSD and get much faster loading times, boot times, and just a overall faster system
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