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I have a few hundred new netbooks with a wired ethernet port/card built in and built in wireless in each. These are for a school setting. I have some wired connectivity in the school, but am wishing to be more mobile and utilize the wireless capabilites more than the wired method for students and teachers.
First, I am getting a "notification" from Win7 when I attempt to set up the wired and wireless NICs with different IP addresses, but the same gateway. It isn't a critical error, but what is the issue it is trying to warn me about?

Secondly, is there an easy way to create a .bat file or .reg file that would allow the simple user to choose which NIC to use and disable the other?

Finally, we are a school, so we use a program called Clean Slate. Basically, this program takes all files and programs to their original state (the one I have chosen to be the "original state"). I can indicate "exceptions" to files and/or programs such as "My Documents", the antivirus folder, etc. When teachers wish to take the netbooks home, they must be able to change the LAN or WAN settings to attach via their home wireless or wired connection. However, this is not allowed by the Clean Slate software. If I allowed changes to just the file or files / programs that are changed when these configurations are made, then I could make an exception to those and allow users to make setting changes to the wireless or wired connections, but I would rather make this change a simple double-click if possible so that they are not making changes at will and possibly making it necessary to support them on a daily basis - thus the reason for the 2nd question.


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  1. in the Network Connection Properties, under the Internet Protocol properties is a Alternative Configuration tab which might help you solve you problem
  2. I can't believe I've never seen that before. It exists only on the wireless connection on the machine I'm looking at, not the ethernet connection. So, I just find out from each teacher what they need for connectivity at home via wireless and put that information in (most likely the default of auto-detect for them)?
    Any suggestions for the wired/Ethernet connectivity for those without wireless at home?
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