I've noticed today that some of my cpu temperatures are reaaaaly high, unbelievably high actually. I kind of thought that it might be a bug or a glitch - sensor messing up. Anyway, its not the cores or anything, but some TMPIN4 and the "CPU" which is the actual cpu? Not sure. Anyway, they show the maximum of 168 degrees which is ... um weird :o . Im not sure if im reading the program even right, but just to get this stuff clear, heres a screenie :)


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  1. 168F is about the max you want to go, but it's permissable for short periods of time under load. That's about the same as 72c. The 2500k runs warm especially when overclocking. What heatsink do you use?
  2. Im just worried bout these: http://scr.hu/2uc/g9ram
    Anyway, i dont know what heatsink i have. How do i check it? :c
  3. It's either the stock Intel unit or an aftermarket brand, such as the cooler master hyper 212, which is popular.
  4. I surely have got at Coolermaster, otherwise it would burn up at the 4.5 GHz overlocking.
  5. Then I would live with the higher temps, unless you want to change your smartfan setting in the bios. Some will allow running the max fan speed all the time. I hate noise, so I would slow down your overclock instead, but it's your choice. Temp allowances for Intel cpus: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/processors/core/2nd-gen-core-lga1155-socket-guide.html
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