Pentium M 760 (2ghz) Vs Celeron 900 (2.2ghz)

So, I have an older Dell Latitude D610 with a Pentium M 760 cpu and I have a 3 year old Emachines E525 with a Celeron 900 in it.

The Emachines is a dog. Super slow and annoying with Windows 7. I have Linux on the Dell currently, so benchmarks aren't really going to help.

Was wondering, pound for pound, if both laptops had the same OS, which would be faster. I know the Pentium is much older, but the celerons are the worst CPU for x86 expect for the Atom.

So if you had to choose one Laptop as a second computer, which one would you take? I figure efficiency is also something to take into account, would like to use the least amount of juice as possible.


p.s. Happy New Year to everyone at Tom's and the forums.
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    Wow... Some old stuff you got there but the celeron scores about 700 in passmarks and the pentium about 500. The celeron has an 800mhz fsb and 533 for the PM.

    Theres no doubt the celeron would be faster.
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