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Hello, I am having problem's with my dell inspiron 9300 17" laptop, and i ran diagnostics for the video card and it said that the video card memory is bad or somthing, i've done alot o research into this laptop, and trying to figure out what i need to replace, either the LCD inverter cable or the video card, but before i spend the money, i have this problem i wish to try first, i want to reinstall the drivers ok, i have a ati radeon x300 64mb mobility GPU, but when i go to reinstall the Vbios driver, i get this message:
ATI Winflash Utility to ensure no interuption during Vbios flash operation, both ac power and battery with at least 35% charge are required. i looked at the battery level through bios, and said i had a 95% charge. i do not know the problem. and with the other driver for the video card, ( which i got both through and it boots into an ati software screen and says i do not have the right hardware or componets. and for which i do. if anyone can help me, thanks much for your time and help!. and i am sorry if i am in the worng category on the forums did not know where to start.
PS: i get white/black/green/red/gray horizontal lines, and cannot get into actul windows sign in because the screen goes black for about 5 seconds then white screen then have to do a hard shut down. I can how ever run in windows safe mode. I do not know if any of this matters due to the video card driver question but i just wanted to get as much information out there as possible incase of anyone how knows what the problem is, or if they have it and have tried to fix it and did, would like any help from this part to. thanks for your time and answers!
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  1. I would talk to Dell.
  2. out of warrenty.
  3. anyone else have some ideas please?
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