How to install winxp 32 bit as a 2nd os on an asus m578l-m

help please,

i need the correct sata driver for winxp 32bit for loading from floppy/f6 on installing winxp.
I am using 3 sata hdds all configd as IDE, NO RAID CONFIG HERE. Now i have succeeded in
loading the files to a different hdd from the first os which is win7 pro 64bit. the install process
goes as far as loading devices and when almost done decides to BSOD. On restart of machine
it boots ok into windows7 via easybcd and I can look in drive 1 partition k and there are folders for docs and settings, programs and WINDOWS. When I open the windows folder, it has explorer, etc etc and system32 folder, so it is partial but I need advice on how to progress from here. Do I have a device or driver problem. It keeps asking for the win xp SP1
disk to be inserted to continue, i use this and BSOD occurs again. Help and advice sought please.

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  1. You wont need a sata AHCI driver on the floppy if you are installing on to disks set to IDE mode .

    What you do have to do is install XP first .
    Once its installed in IDE mode you can then change to AHCI
    If you have SP2 on the disk its probably easier to install from the floppy first

    Once XP is installed patched and running
    Then use the win7 disk to partition the hard drive , install and add a boot loader so you can select which OS to boot too
  2. Many thanks for your inf, looks like it uninstall both systems and install winxp first, then win7 secondly. I have managed this previously on my last mobo, a gigabyte with
    2 sata ports, Already had win7 installed on c drive of disk 0 then went on to install XP
    on the G partition of drive 1. Cannot fathom out why the sequence is important.
    Regards IDMA
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