Hey guys so i recently bought the AMD Phenom 965 3.4 GHz
I installed the hardware into my Asus M3N78 PRO and turned on the PC.

From there i knew i was not getting the full 3.4GHz so i turned it off entered BIOS setup and it said it was only at 800 MHz

Cool'n'Quiet is off and not to sure what else i should do? is the CPU defective? Am i just a knucklehead and did not do something right?

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  1. Is this in Advanced -> CPU Conifuration -> CPU Speed (in grey)?
  2. i am not too sure
  3. Go back into the BIOS and go to where I asked. Advanced -> CPU Configuration -> and look for CPU Speed (in grey).
  4. not at my PC right now--at work till 5 EST
  5. just wondering what i should do if it is? and what i should do if it isn't??
  6. We'll see when you get home at 5AM. I wouldn't understand why the BIOS isn't detecting the stock speed. I am thinking that you where looking at the base clock speed. See, CPUs have a small base clock speed and then they are multiplied to get the advertised clocked speed. So, I am thinking that you saw the base speed instead of multiplied speed.
  7. I will be home in a hour tops maybe even sooner.... still hungover from last night... worst day of work ever... but i have been looking things up online have have not been able to find anything about it... and i remember where it said 800 MHz it was grey i could not change the speed of it...
  8. I meant 5PM :lol:
  9. ok so i am home and i am about to turn my comp on and check and see
  10. yes it is in grey
    revision--- None
    cpu Speed -- 800 MHz
    Cache Ram--512k x4
    cache Ram---- 6144k
  11. anyone else give me some insight on what is going on??? plz
  12. is your motherbd rev 1.01g and did you update the bios?
    What you're seeing is typical of a motherbd that doesn't supply dual plane power so I suspect that your MoBo isn't capable of running that processor. IE - you motherbd is not the rev 1.01g thats needed.
  13. how do i find this out? where do i look?
  14. You need to have a flash drive or CD-ROM disc that you can copy the BIOS to. If you use flash drive, make sure that it is formatted in FAT32.

    Go here:

    Select BIOS then use the latest BIOS version and click the Global link (one with green disk). Extract the BIOS file to USB flash drive or burn to cd. Boot the PC (with USB/CD in) back into the BIOS and go to Tools then EZ Flash 2. Use TAB key to change to the proper drive (if not default) and the BIOS file should appear. Select it and follow the on-screen instructions. This is most like what is causing the problem.
  15. The board revision number is printed right on the board...somewhere.
  16. do i do this with the new CPU or the old CPU???
  17. You can leave the new CPU in there. It will be fine.
  18. okay i am going to try to give it a shot
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