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I'm trying to install an Nvidia 9500GT on a new PC, but if I plug the monitor into it from the get-go, I get no display. Disconnecting the card and using the onboard display allows me access to the desktop, where I downloaded the relevant drivers, but when I try to install them it says it can't find the relevant hardware.

If I have the card plugged in, the display goes off - when I do get the display up using the onboard graphics, it won't allow me to install the drivers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Quick update - the screen WILL show the display now, but all it will show is a large Windows logo on a blue background, and nothing else. It will not continue through to the desktop, so I still can't access the relevant drivers for the graphics card. Thanks.
  2. The thing is that it's a completely new PC, and it works perfectly fine before you start trying to install the 9500GT. Is there a possibility that the card is broken, from the results it's showing? It's really annoying, because to install the drivers I need the card plugged in, but if I plug the card in, it won't load up to desktop.

    I have downloaded the drivers for it. I'm not particularly computer literate, but if I burn the drivers onto a disk and get the BIOS to boot from disk, might that work?

  3. I'm afraid not. We bought a new PC because the old one kept losing power and rebooting. There was never a diagnosis unfortunately, but it does mean that I cannot get it tried in another PC. I'm not sure if a graphics card can make a PC keep rebooting, but I'm inclined to believe it was the power pack causing it, as pressure applied to the top / back of the stack caused it to reboot also (right where the power supply is).

    The PC we got is this. I do apologise if the posting of this link is in some way prohibited:
  4. Sorry, placing pressure on the OLD PC caused it to reboot. We bought a new one today, and it's working perfect, apart from when we try to install this 9500GT. The card is not new - actually removed from the old PC, with the intention of installing it into the new one. Gaming will be the aim of the game eventually, yes.
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