My pc freezes at windows startup process,

my pc freezes at windows startup process, it does not start in safe or any other mode.,also
it is freezes when i run a xp-sp2 cd format for it,at the stage when i press enter for new xp installation ->estimating harddrive memory 7654mb at bank 0 port 0 .... i have checked my psu with multimeter, ram at another pc and cmos battery pc configration r

intel p4 2.3gh
450watt psu
256mb ram
80 gb samsung pata hd

i know its an oldy but it gives a firs fault in its 6 year life.
pls help me.
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  1. You didn't didn't mention testing the hard drive, one test which you should always carry out when checking hardware. You can either test it "in situ" with "SeaTools for DOS", or put it into a working PC (as a second drive) and test it with "SeaTools for Windows". Click "Downloads" here:

    (SeaTools can be used to test any brand of hard drive).
  2. thanks , phil22 for ur reply i have already downloaded seatools , and surly will do as u told me.pls tell me is all these thinks can be introduced due to faulty ram.
    Thanks again.
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